Article published in IEEE Security & Privacy

The article Verify It’s You: How Users Perceive Risk-based Authentication by Stephan Wiefling, Markus Dürmuth, and Luigi Lo Iacono is published at IEEE Security & Privacy.

The article covers the RBA usability study published at ACSAC 2020, but targeted towards a general audience. We also included some new results.

ODEA.5G project started

The ODEA.5G project has started as part of the 5G.NRW Competence Center. In the ODEA.5G project, the H-BRS University of Applied Sciences and the University of Cologne are setting up 5G campus networks at both universities to test and evaluate state-of-the-art e-assessment systems.

Paper on FIDO2 account recovery accepted at OID 2021

The paper “Evaluation of Account Recovery Strategies with FIDO2-based Passwordless Authentication” by Johannes Kunke, Stephan Wiefling, Markus Ullmann, and Luigi Lo Iacono was accepted for presentation at the Open Identity Summit 2021 (OID ‘21). The paper does a heuristic evaluation of 12 account recovery mechanisms regarding their properties for FIDO2 passwordless authentication. The conference will take place online June 1-2, 2021.

Paper accepted at the 9th Annual Privacy Forum (APF)

The paper entitled “A case study on the implementation of the right of access in privacy dashboards” authored by Jan Tolsdorf, Michael Fischer and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luigi Lo Iacono has been accepted for presentation at the 9th Annual Privacy Forum (APF). The paper was based on the results of Michael Fischer’s bachelor thesis, in which he examined various privacy dashboards in terms of their compliance with the right of access.

Paper on mental models of privacy at work accepted for PETS 2021

The paper entitled “Exploring Mental Models of the Right to Informational Self-Determination of Office Workers in Germany” by Jan Tolsdorf, Florian Dehling, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Delphine Reinhardt and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luigi Lo Iacono has been accepted for the 21st Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2021).

RBA long term study accepted at FC 2021

The paper What’s in Score for Website Users: A Data-driven Long-term Study on Risk-based Authentication Characteristics is accepted for FC 2021. A quick summary including a PDF version of the paper can be found on the study website.

Mehrere Beiträge aus TrUSD im DuD-Schwerpunktheft Beschäftigtendatenschutz

In der Ausgabe 1/2021 widmet sich die Zeitschrift DuD Datenschutz und Datensicherheit dem Schwerpunktthema Beschäftigtendatenschutz. Fünf Beiträge und das Editorial des Hefts wurden vom Projekt TrUSD beigesteuert. Die Beiträge geben einen Überblick über aktuelle Arbeiten zum Thema Beschäftigtendatenschutz – von der Erfassung des aktuellen Ist-Zustandes und Einführung in das Problemfeld, über die Analyse und Bewertung der Rahmenbedingungen, bis hin zu den Wegen für eine effektive praktische Umsetzung.

Die Gruppe für Daten- und Anwendungssicherheit war an den folgenden drei Beiträgen beteiligt:

Eine Übersicht aller Beiträge finden Sie auf dem Internetauftritt des TrUSD Projekts.

RBA perception study accepted at ACSAC 2020

The paper More Than Just Good Passwords? A Study on Usability and Security Perceptions of Risk-based Authentication is accepted for ACSAC 2020. A quick overview of the study results and an Open Access version of the paper can be found on the study website.

“Security guru” Bruce Schneier published a blog article on our study.

Evaluation of Risk-based Re-Authentication Methods published

The paper Evaluation of Risk-based Re-Authentication Methods, to appear at IFIP SEC ‘20, is published. A quick overview of the study results can be found on the paper website.

UTE project started

In the research project “User Trust Experience” (UTE), the H-BRS University of Applied Sciences has been commissioned by TÜV TRUST IT in cooperation with Huawei UCD Center to examine influencing factors on users’ trust in technical components. More information can be found on the UTE project page.